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Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Just one question dedicated to climate crisis at November Democratic debate — and it got heated


Another month, another presidential debate... and another presidential debate with a limited focus on climate issues. On Monday, Nov. 20, moderator Andrea Mitchell opened the debate by saying, "We'll be covering a wide range of topics tonight, including national security, race, and climate." But unfortunately, climate topics did not get the airtime many environmentalists would have liked. As noted by Grist, the 10 Democratic presidential candidates were faced with just one question about the planet during the entire evening.

About halfway through the debate, moderator Rachel Maddow told the candidates that they received thousands of viewer questions about the climate crisis, and she shared just one, from a citizen in Minneapolis. "Leading the world in resolving the climate crisis will be a multi-decade project, spanning far beyond even a two-term presidency," the question read, according to a transcript published by NBC News. "If you are elected president, how would you ensure that there is secure leadership and bipartisan support to continue this project?"