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Source: istock

Teenager told he can't walk at graduation unless he cuts his dreadlocks


A Texas teenager has been suspended and told that he won't be allowed to walk at his High School's graduation unless he cuts his dreadlocks. 

DeAndre Arnold, 18, told KRIV that he first started growing his dreadlocks during seventh grade, but now as a senior at Barbers Hill High School, he's been told that he needs to cut them shorter because they violate the school's dress code. That's despite Deandre consistently wearing his hair tied up.

“They said Deandre’s hair can’t touch the collar, ears or in the face,”  DeAndre's mother said. “It never really did, he’s always had it up.” 

The family has been back and forth with the school for a while on the issue, but before winter break, school officials offered an ultimatum. If DeAndre didn't get his hair up to dress code during the break, he would be suspended.