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Source: istock

New mom wants smoker MIL to shower and change clothes before holding her newborn


A nervous mother-to-be. A mother-in-law who's a heavy smoker. And a phenomenon known as thirdhand smoke, which is a real thing. Sounds like a potential recipe for an explosive family confrontation, doesn't it? That is probably why this "worried daughter-in-law" wrote into Slate's parenting advice column asking how to approach this very delicate situation.  

"I am expecting my first baby soon," this mom-to-be writes. "When the baby is born, my in-laws will be coming for a visit." However, her mother-in-law is a heavy smoker. Although she's not worried about her actually smoking in front of the baby, she is worried about thirdhand smoke. We all know what secondhand smoke is. We've all walked down a city street and been subjected to a puffy cloud of someone else's tobacco smoke.