People are revealing the funniest and most unexpected ways they found new friends


Jun. 1 2024, Published 6:33 p.m. ET

Friendships often begin in the most unexpected ways, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary connections. Whether it's a chance encounter or a serendipitous meeting, these stories remind us that the seeds of friendship can sprout from the most unlikely situations. We asked our Facebook audience, "What's the most unexpected way you've made a new friend?" The responses were heartwarming, funny, and truly unique. From fitness classes to laundromats, and from shared coffee to mistaken identities, here are some of the delightful and surprising ways people found new friends:

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The Fitness Bond

In November 2021, Karin B. had just returned to Florida for the winter and decided to check the workout schedule at her local park. With no one else around, she ended up in a Total Body Tone class with just the instructor. "She evaluated me and we started doing different exercises. We totally bonded! She accepted me as me, even though I was 91 at the time and she was 35." This unexpected encounter led Karin to try new fitness routines, including yoga and pilates. More people joined the classes, but Karin remained the inspiration, happily embracing her nineties with a new friend for life.

The Laundromat Connection

In the 1970s, Shosh W. found herself at a laundromat in Jerusalem. She noticed a young woman looking confused by the washing machine instructions, which contradicted themselves in English and Hebrew. "We started talking and ended up hanging out for the remaining two months she was there." This serendipitous meeting led to a lasting friendship that continued when they both moved back to the States and even became housemates.

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A Comforting Hand

María H. was at a clinic for a blood draw, with her toddler in tow. When he saw the needle, he started screaming and ran down the hall. "Another phlebotomist scooped him up and held him. It's been 14 years of friendship. I just attended her wedding." A moment of panic for her child turned into a lifelong bond with someone who stepped in to help.

A Lunch Invitation

Jane O. was having lunch with friends at an activity center when she noticed a single lady sitting alone. "I asked if she was alone, and when she said 'Yes,' I invited her to sit with us. We’ve been friends ever since." A simple act of kindness over lunch led to a cherished friendship.

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The Coffee Gesture

Terry L. made a pot of extra gourmet coffee one day and decided to share it with her next-door neighbor. "She gave me a mug and I brought her some right back. Instant friends." This small gesture of sharing coffee blossomed into a close friendship.

The Mistaken Identity

In 1969, Janet D. waded into the Atlantic Ocean to talk to a local girl she thought she knew. "I dove into the water to upset her float. Turns out it wasn’t the local girl but a girl from CA visiting NC with her aunt and uncle." Despite the initial surprise, they introduced themselves and have remained best friends ever since, even though they never lived in the same state.

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The Bathroom Line

Sheela F. met her best friend while standing in line at a ladies' room, preparing for a house tour. "When she got on the bus, there was only one seat left (beside me). We've been best friends for 13 years!" A mundane moment in a restroom queue turned into a lasting friendship.

The Instacart Connection

During the pandemic, Lesley M. used Instacart for grocery deliveries. One day, a friendly delivery person offered to help carry the bags inside. "She saw our back patio and asked if I did yoga because of the tranquil atmosphere. I said no, but my husband did." This conversation led to a discussion about sound baths, which Lesley loved. They connected instantly and have remained friends, sharing sound baths with friends and family post-lockdown.

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The Screenprinting Shop

Missi T. went into a screenprinting shop to have a custom shirt made for her son's birthday. There, she met one of the women who would become one of her "Golden Girls." This chance meeting while preparing for a celebration turned into a deep and lasting friendship.

The Double Date Roommate

Nancy M. met her lifelong friend on a double date. "My new boyfriend’s best friend’s date and I hit it off immediately. I needed a roommate so she moved in." Both women eventually broke up with their boyfriends but remained close friends, supporting each other through life's ups and downs for over 41 years.

These stories remind us that friendships can spring from the most unexpected places and moments. Whether it's a chance encounter at a laundromat, a comforting hand in a moment of need, or a shared laugh over coffee, these connections enrich our lives in ways we never anticipated. So next time you're out and about, keep an eye out—you never know when a new friend might be just around the corner.

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