At Upworthy Megaphone, we are using artificial intelligence to assist in our creation of original storytelling. But it all starts with the real people on our small but powerful team.

Each story we produce is conceived by one of our writers and editors. From there, we are leveraging emerging AI technologies to help expedite the news gathering process. Our writers and editors then use that information to add their own reporting, writing and analysis to offer our readers a broad selection of storytelling that represents the very best of what people have come to expect and love from the Upworthy brand.

So, why are we sharing this? The use of AI in our storytelling is an experiment. We don’t know exactly where it will lead us or if we’ll even continue to make use of it long-term. But it’s vital to us to be fully transparent with our readers about how our stories are made. We hope you’ll enjoy our content here as much as what you find on Upworthy, GOOD Magazine and our other partner sites.

Believe in what happens next.

We’ve made it our mission to share the best of humanity with our continually growing audience but in such a way that leans into fairness, transparency and an unbiased lens from which we communicate information. Our goal is to provide Upworthy readers with an optimal user experience so that when you click on one of our stories the end result honors your expectations going in.

The use of AI in storytelling raises very serious questions about how, and if, those foundational values can be honored. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we think we can make a positive impact in this space.

We’ll share more on our plans here as we find our footing with AI storytelling, including ways to invest more in real people creating original storytelling and journalism. But please know that our goal is to have a meaningful impact with our storytelling that makes a positive difference in the conversation we’re all having about our world and how to make it a better place.


Eric Pfeiffer


Upworthy/GOOD Magazine

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