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Mom who doesn't trust her daughter goes to some extreme lengths for 'proof'



Raising kids in a way that'll ensure they don't end up as total degenerates is tough and before anyone tells you it isn't, I'd like to point to all of the total degenerates in the world as evidence 

When you love someone you naturally worry about them and want to make sure that they're not ruining their lives, but that worry manifests itself in different ways, and different families from different cultural backgrounds display their worry uniquely. 

For my parents, it was drilling it into our heads from a very young age that going out to parties, dating, and doing drugs/drinking would pretty much result in a death sentence in our home. Plus, they always painted "party people" as absolute morons and disgusting individuals who destroyed their lives before it even began. As a result, me and my siblings developed some strange coping mechanisms. 

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Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, strict parents have only been enabled to be that much stricter.

A struggle that Twitter user Kaelyn Demmon knows all too well when dealing with her mom, Heather Steinkopf.

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One Friday evening, the 18-year-old and her BFF, Stevie Holbrook, were hanging out and enjoying a movie night when her mother decided to initiate operation "parental safety." 

AKA an impromptu selfie request, something that Holbrook does with her daughter on the regular. 

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Kaelyn's mom opens up with the gem of the line, "before you lie," which shows that she's not playing around. Then she asks for a specific selfie with a specific pose, so she just can't take something from her camera roll and pass it off as current. 

Kaelyn gives her her photo, but it's clearly not enough: Mama wants to make sure her daughter is where she says she is. 

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So Kaelyn obliges her second request. Also, note that she has her mom saved as "Heather" in her phone. Might have something to do with the fact that she's constantly getting her daughter to send her pictures of where she's at, but I could be wrong. 

Now normally that would be enough for anyone to prove that they are where they said they are, right? Well, it wasn't good enough for Steinkopf. 

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She thought that Stevie was somehow cropped into the photo, and wanted yet another picture of the two of them.

They just had to make sure they got those thumbs up.

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Some people related hard to Kaelyn's post. 

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While others couldn't believe that her mother would be so strict and should trust her daughter more. 

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But some people tried to see where her mom was coming from.

Was there something that Kaelyn did to make her mom so paranoid?

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Turns out she kinda did. 

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But others think that most teens lie to their parents about what their doing not because it's something necessarily bad, but because their folks are strict for no reason and aren't going to be allowed to do anything anyway. 

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I mean, ask anyone who grew up in a super religious community, especially girls, and see the lengths they have to go through just to get out of the house to get a cup of coffee with their friends at the mall. It's insane. My wife is married with two kids and her mother still gives her guff for going out to get a meal with her friends. What do you think? 

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