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Source: GOH CHAI HIN/AFP via Getty Images

This picture taken on November 8, 2016 shows Andatu, a Sumatran rhino, one of the rarest large mammals on earth, at the Rhino Sanctuary at Way Kambas National Park in eastern Sumatra.

Borneo's final Sumatran rhino dies, brings species to extinction in Malaysia


Malaysia's only remaining Sumatran rhino passed away this week, making the species entirely extinct in the Southeast Asian country. The rhino was living in the state of Sabah on the island of Borneo, which is part of Malaysia. The total global population of wild Sumatran rhinos is now less than 80, all of whom are found on the island of Sumatra.

The Sumatran rhino, which is the smallest rhino species in the world (both in size and in population), was declared extinct in the wild in Malaysia back in 2015. At that time, only two Sumatran rhinos remained in the country, both of whom were being held captive on a wildlife reserve. The country's final male rhino, Tam, passed away in May 2019 at a little more than 30 years old, The Telegraph reported at the time. Now, six months later, the final female rhino, Iman, has passed away at the age of about 25.