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Source: istock

Could this fake rhino horn stop poaching?


Rhino horn poaching is still a rampant issue in Africa — and a group of researchers are hoping to throw poachers off the trail with a new invention. As reported by the BBC, university researchers have created a faux rhino horn. The group believes their technology is legitimate and affordable enough that it could potentially be used to fool poachers; however, some rhino protection advocates do not think this is the right solution. 

Zoologists from the University of Oxford and molecular scientists from Fudan University in Shanghai, China are responsible for the mock rhino horn, and the researchers detailed their project in a study published in the journal Nature. As the researchers observed, a steady demand for rhino horns is increasing poaching rates, which is hurting the endangered rhino population. So, to combat that, they constructed mock rhino horns made from quite interesting materials: horse tail hair and regenerated silk.