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Source: sihamese/twitter

Thailand's plastic bag ban has people carrying groceries in the weirdest ways


Every zero-waster has accidentally forgotten their reusable shopping bag at the grocery store at some point and had to make a tough call: either accept the single-use shopping bag, or creatively carrying every item home with no bag at all? Well for people living in Thailand, where a plastic bag ban just went into effect, their only option is to get creative — and people have been getting very creative. Ever since stores stopped offering plastic bags on Jan. 1, the internet has been filling up with photos of Thai shoppers carrying their groceries in hilariously innovative ways.

Over the weekend, a user named @sihamese tweeted: "Thailand started 2020 with a major plastic bag ban so now Thais have made it a trend to put their shoppings in random things [and I’m] living for it LMFAO." Alongside the tweet are photos of people in grocery shops carrying their groceries in a large urn, a mesh shelving unit, a wheelbarrow, and what looks like an industrial-sized sugar packet turned into a tote bag?