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People share the simple joys that bring them endless happiness


Jun. 13 2024, Published 6:53 p.m. ET

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring us the greatest joy. The hustle and bustle of modern life might urge us to rush past those fleeting moments of bliss in order to tick just one more thing off our to-do list, but when we're really honest with ourselves…it's these small moments that make life truly special. Because they make us feel alive.

We asked our Facebook audience the following question: 'What’s one simple thing that brings you joy no matter how many times you experience it?'

The heartwarming responses we received show that true happiness often comes from simple, everyday moments. From the sound of a baby’s laughter to the embrace of a loved one, here are some stories that remind us of the beauty in life’s small pleasures.

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For many, family is at the heart of their happiness. Pat D. expressed her joy in "seeing my grandkids", humorously adding that winning the lottery would certainly also be a joyous experience should it ever happen. Similarly, Billie M. that shared they're filled with joy "every time I see my granddaughter. Also, when I hear my adult children laugh, it melts me every time."

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Nature's beauty offers endless delight for Vikki G., who finds magic in "sunshine while it’s raining" and Jerrie B., who shared her love for the "smell of fresh-turned soil and the sight of a lone red leaf in the fall."

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Kathy J. notes that "a family of quail running across a path," is always charming and delightful sight.

Ann J. W. cherishes the comforting act of "flipping my pillow over during the night and feeling the coolness on my cheek," while Lindsay L. loves the serendipity of "a favorite song popping up on the radio."

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As any pet parent can attest, fur babies bring immeasurable joy. Victoria H. commented, "Coming home to my dogs - their joy brings me joy." Rachael Y. G. finds similar comfort in the "purrs of my cats as they snuggle up to me." Tanya E. quipped that she also loves cat cuddling, and doesn't "care whose cat (of course it's more special when it's my own)."

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For some, happiness is found in shared moments with loved ones—especially if those loved ones are adorable, squishy babies. Teri F. and Sandra P. both mentioned the irresistible joy of "hearing a baby’s full-on belly laughter." Sharon S. A. similarly wrote "hugs from people I love and babies." Dennis J. S. added a touch of romance, saying "a smile on the faces of all the people I love, especially my wife."

Some people shared how a hobby they started many years ago continues to uplift their spirits. Jerry W. still gets the same thrill from "riding my motorcycle. It still gives me the same buzz I had the first time I swung a leg over a field bike 46 years ago."

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"Being in any body of water to swim" is a hobby that brings Rachael P. a profound sense of peace and contentment.

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Relaxation and self-care are also easy ways to reclaim a little cheer. Tim B. relishes the rejuvenation of "a good nap," while Emily H. cites "certain books, movies, and songs," as her preferred means of restful escape.

Special thanks to our Facebook community for all your wonderful comments. Even reading about your simple acts of joy and an act of joy in itself. May we all find something today, however, small, that reminds us of how amazing and precious life really is.

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