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Source: PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images

Group of 11,000 scientists declare: "Earth is facing a climate emergency”


If you've been keeping up with the latest climate science (or news), you probably know that the Earth is experiencing a bit of a climate emergency. But for anyone who isn't so sure, a group of 11,000 scientists have banded together to officially declare it. A new article published in the scientific journal BioScience titled "World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency" written by a group known as the Alliance of World Scientists declares "clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency."

The article, published on Tuesday, Nov. 5, notes that despite scientists agreeing about the severity of the climate crisis at various international assemblies and summits over the past 40 years (including the Paris agreement), greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. The group, led by William J. Ripple, says that, "An immense increase of scale in endeavors to conserve our biosphere is needed to avoid untold suffering due to the climate crisis." Basically we need to start significantly scaling up our efforts to protect the planet — or else something catastrophic could happen (and it kind of already is).