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Source: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

REI's Black Friday sale: Don't go shopping


With Christmas shopping season around the corner, stores are already beginning to advertise their deals for Black Friday, one of the most hectic days to go shopping every year. But with the climate crisis becoming more serious every single day, some stores have been rewriting the Black Friday rules over the past few years. For example, sporting goods store REI just announced that it will shut down on the November 29th "holiday" with a goal of promoting environmental action.

This will actually be the fifth Black Friday in a row that REI has closed all its stores (and its website). Ever since 2015, the outdoor recreation co-op has done so, paying its employees to take the day off in hopes that they'll #OptOutside. But this year, REI's President and CEO Eric Artz is taking that movement to the next level, as detailed in a letter he wrote on the company's blog.