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Redditors share heartwarming and surprising positive news from around the world


Jun. 13 2024, Published 12:43 p.m. ET

In a world where the news often highlights negativity, a recent Reddit thread has become a beacon of positivity. Started by user Altera33, the thread asked, "What are the most positive things happening in the world right now that people don't think of?" The responses have been uplifting, showcasing personal victories, medical advancements, environmental successes, and more. Here are some of the highlights:

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Personal Triumphs and Resilience

Redditor Current-Revolution-4 shared a heartfelt story: "After being diagnosed with breast and colon cancer last fall, my mom is, as of today, officially cancer-free." This comment received an outpouring of support and upvotes, highlighting the community's joy in hearing about such a significant personal victory.

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Another user, Mundane-Antelope5336, celebrated overcoming a tough financial situation: "I finally can afford a vet for my dogs." This simple yet impactful milestone resonated with many.

Environmental and Wildlife Recoveries

Redditor Jamesjohnohull brought attention to the panda population, stating, "Pandas are no longer an endangered species!" The news was met with excitement and relief, especially considering the previous threats to these beloved animals.

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MomsSpecialFriend shared another inspiring environmental recovery: "It’s so easy to repopulate the earth with rare plants now through tissue culture... anyone can have them in their house, and there is no market for poachers."

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Another story highlighted by Norcoatomic: "Grey whale population has grown 20% in California in the last year." This resurgence is a positive sign for marine life conservation efforts.

Mundane-Antelope5336 celebrated a surprising development in nature: "Honey bees are at an all-time high and are now considered overpopulated!" This revelation came as a relief to many concerned about bee populations.

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Medical Advancements and Health Milestones

User AmySmooster highlighted a significant medical breakthrough: "A malaria vaccine has been developed and is currently undergoing human trials. This could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, many of them children." The development of this vaccine is a critical step in global health.

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Similarly, Chombuka noted promising progress in HIV treatment: "HIV +ve may soon have a cure, and it turns negative. Case of negative being positive news!!" This comment sparked discussions about the advancements in HIV research and the hope it brings.

Societal and Cultural Progress

Redditor Flabby-Nonsense provided a comprehensive list of improvements: "More young women and girls in less developed countries are in primary and secondary education than ever before... The rate of infant mortality is consistently declining year on year." These advancements reflect significant progress in global education and health.

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Additionally, Butthole_Alamo pointed out improvements in environmental regulations: "Human health-based requirements for concentrations of chemicals in the environment have been decreasing over the years... China is eliminating residential coal-burning, which is greatly improving air quality in their cities."

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Acts of Kindness and Community Support

A simple yet touching act was shared by Kmg000001: "This guy honked at me for not going on green light fast enough, then caught up to me at the next light, rolled down his window, and apologized for having a bad day and then drove off and waved." This story reminds us that small acts of kindness can have a significant impact.

In another touching moment, Irocgts shared: "My foster daughter told me she loved me." This heartfelt admission received an outpouring of love and support from the community.

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The thread has garnered thousands of upvotes and comments, reflecting a collective appreciation for good news and positive changes. These stories serve as a reminder that amidst challenges, there are countless reasons to be hopeful and celebrate the progress happening around us.

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