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Source: Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup's "Interceptor" prevents river trash from becoming ocean trash


You probably know that plastic waste often winds up in the ocean, where it hurts marine life, underwater ecosystems, and our planet in general. But how exactly does plastic travel to the ocean? Often, through rivers, which Dutch inventor Boyan Slat calls “the arteries that carry waste from land to the ocean." Slat is the founder of The Ocean Cleanup, and the organization just revealed its latest innovation that will prevent trash from getting into our oceans — this time, by rescuing it from rivers.

Over the weekend Slat, 25, uncovered the "Interceptor" at an unveil event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the AP reported. The company built a stage on a river, so that the audience could witness the Intercepter in action on the water. 

As explained on The Ocean Cleanup's website, rivers are the primary source of ocean pollution — based on the company's research, the organization estimates that about 1,000 rivers are responsible for 80 percent of global ocean plastic pollution. For that reason, the Interceptor was created to divert plastic from rivers, which will prevent it from getting into oceans.