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Source: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

Bill prohibiting mining near the Grand Canyon passes in House


In an effort to preserve the Grand Canyon, the House just passed a bill that would permanently make mining on more than 1 million acres surrounding the world-famous national park illegal, The Hill reported this week. According to AZ Central, a ban on mining in this area was actually signed into law in 2012 — but this bill would make the prohibition permanent.

Even though the bill passed in the House on Wednesday, it still needs to pass through the president's desk. And the chances of Donald Trump signing the bill into law seem unlikely, considering the fact that this bill was actually drafted to prevent the Trump administration from allowing uranium mining to happen on federal land, as per The Hill. The bill, which was first introduced in February, passed in the House 236-185, as stated on the Congress website. Interestingly, out of the 236 ayes, 227 were Democrats and 9 were Republicans; and out of the 185 noes, 1 was a Democrat, 1 was an Independent, and 183 were Republicans,