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Mary Trump: Trump won't run for president in 2024 because he's too scared to 'lose like this again'


Nov. 13 2020, Updated 10:27 a.m. ET

Mary Trump has dismissed rumors that her uncle, President Donald Trump, would run for president again in four years. Mary Trump told CNN that her uncle "will never put himself in a position where he can lose like this again." Mary, an outspoken critic of the president, also claimed that her uncle would not be in good enough health in four years' time.

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"I think [running again in 2024] was floated initially as a way to appease him and assuage his ego," Mary Trump told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Friday. He will never put himself in a position where he can lose like this again, first of all."

"Secondly, it would mean for four years that he is playing essentially a supporting role, which will be very difficult for him to sustain."

"And you know, most importantly, in four years he will be the same age Joe Biden is now," she added. "However, Donald is a very unhealthy person. He has a terrible diet. He doesn't exercise. And he has, you know, psychological disorders that continue to go untreated."

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"So I don't even imagine that he'll be able to run in four years. Plus the fact, of course, he may be looking at serious charges being brought against him."

Earlier in the interview, Mary had hit out at Republicans for "enabling" Trump's refusal of the results, deeming it a "dangerous situation."

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"This is the awful part of this," she said. "He should have been rendered completely irrelevant by now. Whether he concedes or not, it doesn't matter. It's up to the Republicans to say it's over, we're moving on. As long as they don't do that, they continue to give him power. They continue to give him the ability to rile up his base and other people who voted for him."

"It's an incredibly dangerous situation."

Mary claimed that Trump's allies are "making an incredible miscalculation here by pretending that they can control this monster that they're unleashing upon us."

"If [Mitch McConnel] continues to allow this to go on between now and January 6, we're going to be in a much more difficult position," she added.


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