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Source: Instagram

The comedian who confronted Harvey Weinstein wears the outfit she was assaulted in for 'Times' op-ed


Kelly Bachman is a comedian. She is a survivor of rape. And she is one of the few people who stood up and said something when disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein showed his face at the Actors' Hour show at the Downtime Bar in New York City. 

You know the story by now. Actors Hour was supposed to be a safe space for emerging talent to showcase their abilities. But when Harvey Weinstein and his posse snuck in to enjoy the show, only a few select people were brave enough to call him out. And they were the ones who got escorted from the bar. 

Kelly addressed "the elephant in the room" before completing her standup set, in a clip that has since gone viral. So in a New York Times op-ed, Kelly writes about why she spoke up and why we all have to speak up.