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Source: David Becker/Getty Images

Impossible Pork Banh Mi are sampled during an Impossible Foods press event for CES 2020.

Impossible Foods unveils pig-free pork: here's what early taste-testers think


The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is where many technology companies debut exciting new products, from cars to laptops to smart watches — but this year, all the tech nerds (and I say nerds with the utmost respect) were treated to a very different kind of technology. Impossible Foods used the event to unveil its plant-based Impossible Pork on Monday, Jan. 7, and CES attendees got to try the company's newest delicacy.

Impossible Pork is a plant-based ground meat-style product designed to taste exactly like animal-based pork, while sharing a similar texture and formula with Impossible Beef. As reported by Forbes, both products actually use the same ingredients (including heme), but the company made some key tweaks to the quantities to make Impossible Pork taste more like a pig than a cow. Impossible Pork is completely free of cholesterol and gluten, and it is formulated to get both kosher and halal certification (which no animal-based pork has), as per CNET.