Homeless man gets more than he expected after asking for scraps


Jul. 9 2024, Published 5:06 p.m. ET

A recent act of kindness at El Sur Street Food Co in Little Rock is earning praise for its generosity and compassion. When a homeless man entered the restaurant asking if they had any food to spare, the staff's response went above and beyond.

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Ronda Chung, a witness, shared the touching encounter on Facebook, expressing her admiration for the restaurant's actions. "El Sur Street Food Co. is the epitome of compassion and local love. This person came in and asked if they had any food they were willing to toss his way," she wrote.

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Instead of offering leftovers or inexpensive items, the cashier made a generous offer. "I would love to pay for your food," he said, suggesting the man try the Con Todo baleada, a popular and hearty dish, rather than just chips and salsa or a pupusa. He even asked if the man preferred to eat at a table or take the meal to go.

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Initially hesitant, the man expressed concern about being a bother, but the staff assured him he was welcome and seated him at a table. This small act of kindness has resonated deeply with many, reminding us of the good that still exists in the world. Chung's Facebook post received over 2,900 likes and was widely shared, spreading the heartwarming story far and wide.

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On Reddit, the story continued to gain traction, shared by user Grayhome in the Made Me Smile subreddit, the post received numerous comments applauding the restaurant's kindness. User 1OutKastWill remarked, "Human being, just being human. We need to make stories like this more common. I hope people in the community hit up this place and show support for this business. We need more people like this in the world."

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Another Reddit user, Mammoth-Cook3625, shared a similar sentiment: "I could never refuse someone who came to my kitchen hungry. The world could use more people like that."

Many other users echoed these sentiments, sharing their own experiences of witnessing or participating in acts of kindness. User BusinessDuck132 recounted a similar experience at Starbucks, where they and their manager made a homeless veteran feel welcome. "We had a guy who (I don’t like to assume but I gathered enough information without prying or asking him personal questions) I’m pretty sure was a homeless vet and my manager and I made sure he knew he was welcome to hang out in our cafe."

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PilgrimPayne59 added, "Thank you for sharing this with us. With all of the sh*t that is happening around us in the world today, this is the kind of story that everyone needs to hear. Props to that restaurant worker for doing what he did to make that man feel like a human being."

These stories remind us that small acts of kindness can make a significant impact. As we navigate through challenging times, it's heartening to know that there are still places and people who prioritize compassion and humanity. El Sur Street Food Co. has set an inspiring example, demonstrating that generosity can go a long way in making someone's day better.

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