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7 hilarious and heartwarming stories about friends who can't figure out why they're still single


May 31 2024, Published 1:00 p.m. ET

We all have that one friend who's an absolute gem but somehow remains single, despite their fantastic qualities. A recent Reddit thread titled, "You have a friend who can’t figure out why they’re single but you KNOW why. What’s the reason?" asked people to share stories about their friends who can't figure out why they're still single. The responses were a mix of heartwarming and hilarious anecdotes that highlight the quirks and endearing traits that make these friends truly unique. Here are seven of the best responses that will make you laugh and appreciate the single life a little more.

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1. The Wilderness Romantic

Redditor: u/KingOfLaval

"The guy lives in a cabin in the woods. He pumps his water and needs to heat it before he showers. But he's into girly girls. Edit: If you're a girl, want to live off grid about two hours north of Montreal and are Christian, send me a dm and I'll set you up with Mr Wildlife."

2. The Desperate Dreamer

Redditor: u/No_Refrigerator_4084

"I have a friend in his 40s who is desperate to find a partner. He has become so focused on finding a partner he has ended up putting endless pressure on himself. It's all he thinks about - in some ways he is like a teenage boy trying to find his first girlfriend. As a result he is trying far too hard and can't relax and be himself. He has never had a problem finding girlfriends in the past, but now he is stuck in this vicious cycle."

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3. The Intense Romantic

Redditor: u/Caleb435h

"My buddy comes on way too strong. One of those guys to tell you he loves you after a first date or spill all his flaws or insecurities hoping for empathy."

4. The Drama King

Redditor: blitzer1069

"I know a guy who is really in denial of who he really is. He always thinks he's the exception to common rules but he's not. Overweight, extremely moody, paranoid, holds grudges, likes to start drama, he's always the victim in his stories. But he thinks he's a fun loving cool intelligent person that everyone should like. TBH he isn't really my friend anymore."

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5. The Hygiene Hazard

Redditor: u/DrakeLostLol

"Male Friend: Oral hygiene skills are -100 and his breath is always hot and foul."

6. The Opinionated One

Redditor: u/04221970

"Insufferable, thinks their opinion is factually correct, and doesn't understand that other people like other things. I'm not talking about just political opinions. I mean ANYTHING...like where to eat, what type of pizza to order, what bbq grill to buy, what tire pressure to have, what ceiling style to have. Asks your thoughts on where to eat, than automatically discounts it as a poor choice and settles on his own....always."

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7. The Self-Obsessed Gym Rat

Redditor: u/BirdThick8113

"My friend owns a flat, he's good looking, active in Gym and cycles a lot, knows how to cook and keeps his flat spotless, So why is he single? He is So F***ing Self-Obsessed! Now we have been friends for years and I tend to shut him down very quickly, but watching him chatting up women is literally him chatting and her not getting a word in."

These stories show that while our friends might have some unique quirks, it's those same traits that make them lovable and one-of-a-kind. Whether it's finding someone who appreciates their dedication to their hobbies or someone who can match their honesty and spontaneity, there's someone out there for everyone. Until then, let's celebrate the single life and the wonderful, quirky friends who make it so interesting.

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