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Source: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images)

Greta Thunberg inspires punny name for salt truck


For some reason, people on the Internet love when salt trucks are named after celebrities — and it looks like we've finally transcended from actors and musicians to famous activists. Manchester, England's City Council recently held a public poll to name its newest gritters, and one of the top choices was to name one after 17-year-old climate advocate Greta Thunberg. The punny title that was crowned the winner? Gritter Thunberg.

In a blog post, Manchester City Council shared that more than 2,000 people left suggestions of names for the salt trucks. Those names were then whittled down to 24 of the punniest chocies, which people could then vote on in a Twitter poll. The names of the new fleet of eight gritters are: Gritter Thunberg, Basil Salty, Grit Astley, Slushay Away, Snowbi-Gone Kenobi, Snowel Gallagher, Spreaddie Flintoff, and Spreaddie Mercury.