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Source: Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Flint residents can finally sue the city for water crisis thanks to Supreme Court ruling


The city of Flint, Mich. has been in a water crisis since 2014, when the city changed its water source, leading to lead contaminating the water supply. Six years into this public health crisis, a group of 25,000 Flint residents are finally getting a chance to take the government officials who they allege had a role in the water crisis to court, thanks to a new U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

As reported by NPR, Flint residents have not been able to take government officials to court for their alleged involvement in the Flint water crisis because the officials claimed to have "qualified immunity." Qualified immunity protects a government official from being sued for simply violating a plaintiff's rights, and only allows lawsuits against government officials if they violated a written law or constitutional right, as explained by Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute.