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Someone farted on MSNBC and Twitter is trying to figure out who



Politics is pretty crazy right now, especially because of the public impeachment hearings involving President Donald Trump. The last thing we needed was another scandal, and that's what we got last night when Hardball host Chris Matthews was interviewing California Representative Eric Swalwell.

During the interview, talking about all things impeachment, Swalwell was interrupted by something that definitely sounded like a massive fart. You can check out the interview for yourself below, and make your own mind up. 

“Chris, so far the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to help him cheat,”  Swalwell is then interrupted by the noise and continues: “an election.” 

In what has now been dubbed FartGate, Swalwell denied to Buzzfeed News that the noise came from him. "It was not me," he claimed in a text. "And I didn't hear it when I was speaking." 

When Buzzfeed suggested that it looked like Swalwell was trying to hide a smirk, he added: "I def did not hear it. It's funny tho." 

Hardball seemed to post a subtle subtweet before deleting it a few minutes later. 

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Though later in the evening, Hardball claimed that noise was actually a mug scraping across the desk. Swalwell responded to the tweet with: "TOTAL EXONERATION!" 

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But for the most part, people don't seem to be buying that explanation and FartGate is still in full swing, memes and all. 

One user wrote: "So #fartgate is trending and I guess I should be appalled but tbh it's one of the few things Twitter does well and very possibly represents the ceiling of the site's abilities."

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Even Alyssa Milano got in on the joke, writing: "There are two types of people in the world. 1. People who think farts are funny. 2. People who don’t think farts are funny. It is pretty much all you need to know about a person. Which are you? (I think they’re hilarious.)"

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Others were left to contemplate how they would tell their children about this moment in history. 

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Another user joked: "If someone tries to tell you that America isn’t the best country in the world, remind them that on Nov 18, 2019, #FartGate was the number 1 trending topic in the country."

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The whole thing even inspired a thread on how Swalwell couldn't possibly be the farter because of the laws of physics. 

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While others are convinced that it had to have been Swalwell based on his body movement. 

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Who do you think was the farter?