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Zimbabwe drought kills 55 elephants — ironically, in a game park


Over the past two months, a severe drought in Zimbabwe has caused at least 75 elephants to die of starvation, the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority said this week. The news is of course sad — but what news outlets aren't pointing out is the irony of where most of these animals died. About 55 of these elephants lived in a western Zimbabwe game park called Hwange National Park — a wildlife reserve where people can legally hunt elephants

If Hwange National Park sounds familiar, that's probably because it's where a hunter infamously killed Cecil the lion in 2015. The park is also known for being home to the largest elephant herd on Earth, totaling about 50,000 elephants, as per Reuters. And additionally, in the past month, up to 20 elephants died in Mana Pools, a national park in northern Zimbabwe where hunting is now allowed, The Telegraph noted.