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Source: istock

New electric car battery can take you 1,500 miles without a charge


The one drawback to driving an environmentally-friendly electric car? Charging. The average electric car can only take you several hundred miles before you need to stop at a charging station and wait for your car to regain power — but that could be changing soon thanks to a new invention. An English inventor has invented a car battery that can reportedly sustain 1,500 miles of driving before needing to be charged, and thanks to a recent deal with an engineering firm, it could revolutionize the transportation industry.

As reported by the Daily Mail, engineer and former Royal Navy officer Trevor Jackson is responsible for the exciting new battery, which is designed to power everything from electric cars to buses, trucks, and airplanes. And the best part is, Jackson just signed a multi-million pound deal with an engineering firm called Austin Electric. And as the news website added, Austin Electric plans to start mass producing the battery in its cars, with three projects in the works for the immediate future.