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Source: istock

How eco-anxiety is inspiring Americans to make behavioral changes for the planet


Do you ever feel alone in your eco-anxiety? New research from the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that more Americans are concerned about — and taking action to curb — the climate crisis than you may think. And interestingly, growing anxiety about the future seems to be fueling Americans' eco-minded behavioral changes.

The Harris Poll conducted the survey for the APA in December 2019 and published it on Feb. 6. According to data sent to Green Matters, of the 2,017 U.S. adults of different backgrounds polled, 56 percent said they believe the climate crisis is society's most important current issue. About the same amount of people surveyed, 6 in 10, said they have made changes to reduce their contribution to the climate crisis. Additionally, 72 percent of all people surveyed said they feel motivated to make changes.