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Source: istock

This Czech drugstore has a shampoo refill station to reduce plastic waste


Living a zero-waste lifestyle is definitely easier if you have a zero-waste shop or a store with a bulk section in your area. Obviously, not everyone has access to bulk shopping — but, luckily for the planet, it's becoming more and more mainstream every day. For example, conventional drugstores in the Czech Republic have recently started installing bulk sections for liquid hygiene products, and the news even made the front page of Reddit this week.

A redditor by the name of Lord-AG posted a photo of the drugstore to the subreddit interestingasf*ck on Monday, Nov. 11. "Some drugstores in the Czech Republic introduced shampoo and shower gel filling machines," the user wrote, to the tune of 124,000 upvotes. "Customers can refill their empty bottles with various products so they don't have to buy a new one every time." The picture shows what looks like a conventional drugstore, the aisle lined with various hygiene products packaged in plastic bottles. But at the end of the aisle, there is a machine with a few spouts, where customers can refill their bottles of shampoo and body wash, as well as what looks like laundry soap and dish soap.