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Source: A As Architecture/YouTube

Beautiful Copenhagen urban space designed around 2,000 bicycle parking spots


When you hear "parking lot," you probably think of rows and rows of cars, right? (Or at least, you think of cursing from behind your steering wheel while circling a crowded parking lot.) But thanks to the work of one sustainability-minded Danish architecture firm, the future of parking lots may just be all about bicycles

As reported by Inhabitat, architecture firm COBE recently unveiled a new eco-friendly public space in Copenhagen, designed around beautiful yet functional bicycle parking lots.

According to COBE's website, the public space, called Karen Blixens Plads, is an urban space built for the new University of Copenhagen, nestled between the campus and a nature reserve called Amager commons. Karen Blixens Plads is one of the largest public squares in Copenhagen, measuring more than 20,000 square meters. The square was designed to look like rolling hills, with tiled ground smoothly rising and falling all across the square. Underneath some of the rising parts of the hills are covered bicycle parking lots — in fact, Karen Blixens Plads has room for more than 2,000 parked bicycles, two-thirds of which are in covered spaces underneath the hills.