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Source: summerbordercollie/instagram

Border Collies are reforesting Chile's burned land after destructive wildfires


There isn't much that Border Collies love more than running — and a group of the energetic dogs recently got to use that passion for good. In the wake of the destructive 2017 Chilean wildfires, three Border Collies used their running skills to help reforest the damaged grounds of a Chilean forest.

In late January 2017, powerful wildfires tore through central and southern Chile, destroying almost 1,500 homes, killing 11 people, and costing the Chilean government $33 million, VOA News reported at the time. The wildfires burned almost 593,000 acres of land (three times the size of New York City), CNN added. Many have called these wildfires the worst that Chile has ever seen, and unfortunately, even more wildfires have occurred in Chile over the past three years.