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Source: istock, beecosystem.buzz/instagram

Environmental group declares bees the most important species on Earth — but they're endangered. Here's how to protect them


You may not enjoy bee stings — but whether or not you know it, you are enjoying the humble bee's role in the Earth's ecosystem. Recently, international environmental charity Earthwatch Institute declared bees to be the most important living species on Earth. The irony here (other than how most of us think of bees as nothing more than sting-machines) is that many bee species also happen to be on the endangered species list.

Earthwatch Institute shared its findings in a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London this summer, as reported by The Science Times. To come to this conclusion, the Earthwatch Institute gathered and analyzed data, and found that nearly 90 percent of the global bee population has disappeared in recent years, primarily due to increased pesticide use, deforestation, and not enough flowers (therefore not enough pollen), The Science Times noted.