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Source: chuwa plant/facebook

Banana leaf dishes are a low-waste alternative to disposable plates in Peru


Banana leaves may not be as yummy as grape leaves (in fact, they're barely edible) — but that doesn't mean they're not of value. A Peru-based program has found a way to turn banana leaves into biodegradable bowls and dishes that can break down and return to soil within two months. And considering the fact that banana leaves are a natural waste product of the banana farming industry, these plates are a great alternative to single-use crockery made from plastic or polystyrene. 

As reported by Truth Theory, the Peruvian company, called Chuwa Plant, also known as Bio Plant, has already made 50,000 units of the bowls and plates. Interestingly, some of the products are made from banana leaves, while others are made from banana stem fibers. According to Chuwa Plant's Facebook page, the plates and bowls are able to withstand heat and liquid, making them a solid option for pretty much any meal.