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Source: Brett Hemmings/Getty Images

Australia bushfires are fueling their own flames with fiery pyro-cumulonimbus clouds


Bushfires are raging through Australia at the moment, with a death toll of 11 people this season so far. And this week, the bushfires caused something that sounds like it's out of a horror film — the fires are generating pyro-cumulonimbus clouds, a type of cloud that creates its own thunderstorms, rains embers, and can start more fires, according to the Bureau of Meteorology of Victoria, Australia.

"Pyro-cumulonimbus clouds have developed to altitudes over 16km in East Gippsland this afternoon," the Bureau of Meteorology tweeted on Tuesday evening, local time. "These fire-induced storms can spread fires through lightning, lofting of embers and generation of severe wind outflows."