9 things many people deny exist but are actually "100 % real"


Jul. 3 2024, Published 4:09 p.m. ET

In a world where fact and fiction often blur, it’s fascinating to discover what people believe is undeniably real despite widespread denial. We asked our Upworthy Facebook audience, "What's something people deny exists but is 100% real?" and received a flood of thought-provoking, humorous, and poignant responses. These answers reveal the hidden truths and overlooked realities that shape our lives. From universal needs to spiritual beliefs and even the occasional oddity, here are nine things our readers are convinced are real, even if others are skeptical.

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The need for a Universal Basic Income

Ralph F. kicked things off by highlighting the need for a Universal Basic Income, emphasizing how crucial it is for a fairer society. This idea is often debated, yet many agree on its potential benefits for economic stability and equality.

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Our shared humanity

Andy M. brought a heartwarming perspective, noting that “99% of people on earth are the same. They love their families, communities, and just want to live in peace and harmony.” It’s a beautiful reminder of our shared humanity, often overshadowed by our differences.

The existence of common sense

In a lament about today's society, Robin C. simply stated, "Common sense." This highlights the frustration many feel when practical, everyday wisdom seems to be in short supply.

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The reality of mental health needs

Emi H. emphasized the importance of mental health support, an essential yet frequently neglected area of healthcare. In a world where mental health issues are on the rise, acknowledging their reality is more critical than ever.

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Discrimination against male Early Years teachers

Guy N. pointed out the "discrimination against male Early Years teachers," noting the significant impact on the profession. This highlights an often overlooked form of bias that affects career choices and representation in education.

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Truly kind people

TreSi B. and Don H. shed light on the existence of truly kind people and loving marriages, respectively. In a world where negativity often dominates the news, it's heartening to be reminded of the goodness that still exists.

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Universal health coverage and living wages

Ruth O. touched on critical issues: "Universal health coverage, not-for-profit healthcare, and a real living wage." These topics are hotly debated but undeniably essential for societal well-being.

The reality of systemic discrimination

Diana Z. M. highlighted severe discrimination in India based on color, caste, and state of origin, while Kari S. pointed out bigotry and discrimination more broadly. These comments underscore the persistent reality of social injustice around the world.

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The power of spiritual beliefs

Many comments focused on spiritual beliefs and higher powers. Aldona T. mentioned "a Higher Power," and Amanda H. noted the Holy Spirit, sparking a variety of responses from supportive to skeptical. These beliefs are deeply personal and often a source of comfort and strength.

These discussions remind us of the diverse ways we perceive the world and the shared truths that bind us together. Whether advocating for social justice, acknowledging the spiritual, or just having a laugh at life's quirks, these responses reflect the depth and breadth of human experience. So next time you encounter something that seems unbelievable, remember, there might just be a whole community out there that knows it to be 100% real.

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