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The internet is furious at these young people ignoring an old woman standing on the train



Social media users are up in arms over a viral photo that shows a bunch of seemingly able-bodied passengers completely disregarding the needs of an elderly rider who was forced to stand.

If you've ever ridden on public transportation, you most likely know that if there's an elderly, pregnant, or disabled person who needs a seat, you should offer them yours.

It's basic manners and a common courtesy that crosses all cultures: respect your elders. Maybe you don't need to respect all the opinions of your senior family members, but if they've got a bad hip and you're at a family get together where all the seats are taken, you would get up and let them sit down in a chair while they spout their nonsense no questions asked, right? 

Apparently, these commuters on a Sydney train were never taught that valuable life lesson, because they appear to be ignoring an elderly passenger who's crouching forward while holding onto a pole to stabilize herself in this photo that was shared on Facebook.

And people are livid.

Source: facebook

The photo was shared on the Aussie Aussie Aussie Facebook group with the simple message, "No respect..." There was a little crying emoji in it too, which really drove the point home. 

There was a fair amount of outrage over the photo, but some people thought whoever took the photo should've done something about it, rather than just snapping a pic to get some likes and shame other passengers in the process. 

Source: facebook

Others pointed out that one photo might not capture the whole of the story. It's possible the woman didn't want a seat or refused one. 

Source: facebook

Some went out of their way to praise themselves for raising their own kids right, while others thought that this was just another attempt at pitting "old vs young" so baby boomers could blame millennials and this "darned generation" for their appalling lack of manners. 

Source: facebook
Source: facebook

Someone also thought it was possible the old woman maybe offered to stand up all hunchbacked while the younger, able-bodied passengers sat down in the seats. 

Source: facebook

While there are some questions as to whether the seated passengers were indeed being rude to this elderly woman on the train, there are some scenarios where there isn't any confusion at all. 

Like this Twitter user who, while pregnant, encountered a man who didn't think that he should move his bag or hand on the seat beside him when she wanted to sit down. She was 8 months pregnant at the time. 

The result was an awkward commute that could've been avoided had the man just helped a woman who was very obviously pregnant in her time of need.

Instead, she just sat on his hand and bag while he refused to move it.

Sadly, not everyone is as kind as Keanu Reeves, who will always stand and give up his seat to someone in need. As if you needed another reason to love the guy, am I right?