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Bride demands that wedding guest do her hair and makeup to avoid paying $350


Sep. 20 2019, Updated 6:23 a.m. ET

Weddings can quickly get very expensive, so couples are always trying to save money where they can. But some times, people just go way too far. One Reddit users recently took to the platform to share a text message exchange between her and a friend and soon-to-be bride who tried to get her to do her hair and makeup for her. 

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The goal was to save $350 by not hiring a makeup artist. And while thisisallamoopoint was happy to help at first, the bride quickly became very demanding. You can check out the text exchange below and judge for yourself whether the bride was unreasonable. 

Source: Reddit
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Bride: "Hey! I have a question for you."

Friend: "Sure, what's up?"

Bride: "So it's going to be $350 for my hair and makeup and I really don't want to pay that since i'm really only wanting my hair done and I don't wear too much makeup. Would you be able to help? I know you have lots of makeup and can actually curl hair haha." 

Of course, the friend was willing to help as long as it was simple. The conversation continues:

Friend: "I can definitely do your hair for you no problem. But i'm not that great at doing makeup on others."

Bride: "Can you just do something simple?"

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The bride then went on to share a photograph of Kylie Jenner, with some makeup that seemed as far from simple as possible. The friend tries to nicely explain that her makeup was probably done by a professional, and is way above her talents when it comes to makeup. 

Source: Reddit
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The conversation continues...

Friend: "Oh that is not simple haha. That is going to take a lot of blending and I cannot do wings on other people."

Friend: "I can do the face makeup if you get color matched at Sephora and buy your own foundation (I don't have one to match you) and I can do the eye look if you find one super simple (1-2 colors in the crease and 1 color on the lid). 

Bride: "You always do wings though? And you can't use your foundation on me?"

Friend: "I know but it's harder to do on other people. And your skin is darker than mine, my foundation wouldn't look right on you." 

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The friend is trying to help, but the bride just doesn't seem to get it. 

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Friend: "I'd be happy to come to Sephora with you though to help pick out a good foundation for your skin type since i'm pretty [knowledgeable] about foundations. And to double check to make sure they color match you correctly."

Bride: "So you can't do my makeup?"

Friend: "If you find a look that you like that's actually simple i'd be happy to test it out for you beforehand and see if you like it." 

Bride: "I really thought you'd be able to help since your makeup always looks so good..." 

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Friend: "Girl I can help. I just can't do anything complicated. I'm not a makeup artist." 

Friend: "Honestly you're probably better off just hiring a makeup artist since that's the look you want. I will gladly do your hair."

Bride: "Whatever. Guess i'm going to be stuck paying $350."

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And that's where the conversation ends. The Pope needs to name Reddit user thisisallamoopoint a Saint after that display of patience. The friend went on to explain:

"I was patient cause I understand she’s probably really stressed and I just wanted to be as helpful as possible. This is why I just eventually said it would probably be best to hire a makeup artist. I don’t want to be the reason her whole wedding is ruined." 

In reply to a comment about how complex the bride's choice of makeup was, she went on to add: "Right? She obviously doesn’t know anything about makeup lmao."

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Unsurprisingly, Reddit users are praising the friend for her patience, with one writing: "You're so patient and doing your best to be helpful... I can't stand people who don't take no for an answer and then try to guilt trip you into magically fulfilling all of their needs!"

While another added: "My girl wants a full contoured look, three shade eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, falsies, brows and a nude lip and says it’s just simple."


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