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Husband cleans wife's makeup brushes in dishwasher, immediately regrets his decision


Jan. 18 2021, Updated 10:17 a.m. ET

When it comes to products that people put on their faces, you need to handle them with care, and that's especially true of makeup brushes. While the cost of a good brush set varies, they're not exactly cheap and they're fairly delicate. As a parent, I've heard the anguished screams of my wife after one of our kids managed to grab a brush and decided they'd have a little fun with it. Those bristles get destroyed a lot easier than you would think.

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Now my kids have the benefit of youthful ignorance to rely on for their brush foibles, but it's hard to imagine that this grown man with a TikTok account could offer up the same excuse for the crime he committed against his wife's cosmetics supplies.

Kevin Kane thought it'd be a good idea to place his wife's makeup brushes in the dishwasher.

While some people immediately cringed at the thought of "makeup brush" and "dishwasher" being placed in the same sentence, let's try and understand Kevin's frame of mind here for a second: dishwashers sometimes don't get all of the grime off of a plate, necessitating further cleaning in the sink.

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Source: TikTok

Perhaps Kevin thought that this meant their dishwasher was gentle enough to get all of the accumulated muck out of his wife's brush set. He wrote in the video that his significant other "was complaining about having to clean her makeup brushes" and he "decided to surprise her while she was at work."

However, he would soon discover that doing so would be a "horrible mistake."

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His TikTok video features Kevin loading up the little utensils basket with his wife's brushes, only to take them out of the machine some 20 minutes later and realize he turned every single little makeup applicator into a muppet that got in a fight with a lawnmower.

Bristles were torn off the brushes, some of them had their heads removed entirely. Calling it a disaster would be an understatement.

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Some people expressed concern for Kevin's health after the entire conundrum. In fact, so many people kept messaging Kevin that he was prompted to upload a follow-up video explaining that he was fine.

However, as some people noticed, he had a bruise mark near his eye, something that Kevin pre-emptively explained was not the result of an attack that may or may not have been incited by the fact he destroyed a ton of his wife's brushes.

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Some people weren't buying the idea that Kevin honestly thought putting said brushes in the dishwasher was a good idea, and that's mainly because both Kevin and his wife are professional makeup artists. In an interview with Daily Dot, Kevin said, "[You] know I subconsciously knew what was going to happen but we also have a 2-year-old and he was running around and I just wasn’t thinking clearly. Halfway through the cycle, I realized what I have done and it was already too late."

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He wanted to know if giving his wife a $500 gift card to Sephora would fix the situation, but people soon pointed out the sheer number of brushes he placed in the dishwasher, and from varying brands far exceeded that amount.

However, in videos he posted after the fact, Kevin assured his followers he and his wife were still #married and he was #stillalive.

If you're wondering about the proper way to clean makeup brushes, there are plenty of different tutorials online that'll show you the way. Allure writes that dermatologists recommend individuals soak their cosmetics tools a minimum of once a week. This is especially true of concealer and foundation brushes since you're putting them all over your face.

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Makeup artist Bobbi Brown says that eyeliner and shadow brushes since they aren't touching as wide of an area around one's face can be cleaned around "twice a month."

Frequent, proper cleaning also helps to keep your brushes lasting longer and applying your makeup more evenly, due to the "porous" nature of bristles.

When it comes to cleaning the brushes, using warm water and gentle soap can work, but there are a variety of different brush cleaning solutions on the web. Just make sure to pick something that isn't too astringent or has harsh chemicals. Here's how to clean them without tossing them in a dishwasher.

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  • Run lukewarm water over the bristles.
  • Put cleaning solution in palm of your hand
  • "Apply" the brush to the solution and work it in with gentle, circular strokes.
  • Rinse the bristles.
  • Use a clean towel to strain the moisture out.
  • Allow the brushes to dry by hanging the bristle end off of a counter.

Remember, glue keeps the bristles attached to the brush handle, so keeping that portion away from warm water is imperative.


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