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Chrissy Teigen gave the best reason why women won't take their husband's last name



Before my wife and I were married, she floated around the idea of taking my last name. And although I was flattered by the gesture, I didn't really think it was the best move. 

One, because I like how her last name sounds with her first name. I think it flows way better. Two, because the origin behind women taking men's last names is pretty darn sexist. The laws surrounding women taking men's surnames pretty much signal that the woman is now property of her husband, that's the TL;DR version of it, anyway. And I wasn't really about that. 

My wife ultimately decided to keep her last name, but if she wanted to take mine then that would've been fine too. I do admit that it irks me that some people do it simply because it's the "traditional" thing to do and it irks me even more when someone judges another person for not taking their SO's surname. 

Which is what a lot of users on Twitter thought this woman implied when she sent out this tweet asking married women for an explanation as to why they didn't take the last names of their husbands. 

And you can imagine that there were plenty of women who had responses as to why they didn't feel the need to legally change their identity after getting married. 

Some of the replies were more blunt than others, pointing out that the practice was one engendered by men in the first place. 

While others pointed out that in most of the world, women taking their husband's last name is not at all a common practice. 

Other users chimed in with their own country's marriage-naming practices. 

While others made very obvious points. 

I mean if my last name was "Best" I wouldn't go around changing it either. Can you imagine baseball player David Justice's daughter, Raquel, changing her last name to "Smith" or something? What a downgrade, no offense, Smiths. But Justice is so cool, you could become a superhero or judge and no one would question you for your name alone.

Other people used it as the perfect opportunity for sassy responses.

Chrissy Teigen joined the fray, and, as always, served up a great response. 

In case you were wondering, Legend isn't his real name. 

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There were also a number of women who talked about the huge inconvenience associated with legally changing one's last name and all of the implications that go with it. 

What do you think? A tired tradition? Or a testament of love and devotion? 

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