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Source: istock

Thread points out how ridiculous it is students have to ask to use the bathroom


When we were kids, we couldn't wait to grow up. While a lot of us probably regret those wishes with tax time approaching, it is pretty wild how many freedoms adults take for granted because, for kids, they are so hard-won. Like, if you there reading this wanted to eat an entire mixing bowl full of Lucky Charms, there's no one to stop you. Your doctor might advise against it, but they're not the boss of you! 

And if you feel nature call, you don't have to raise your hand and ask your boss for the pass to the restroom. You can just get up and hit the head whenever you have to, right? But that's a freedom it makes no sense to celebrate... because we shouldn't have had to fight for it in the first place. Yet just about everyone has a story of a time they needed to use a bathroom and a teacher told them "no."