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Teachers are sharing the difficulties of in-person learning on Twitter


Aug. 13 2020, Updated 11:28 a.m. ET

Schools across the country are starting to return to in-person learning amid the coronavirus pandemic. In Georgia’s largest school district, at least 260 students and eight teachers have either tested positive or been exposed to coronavirus in the few days since reopening. Teachers have already shared some pretty creative ways to keep kids engaged and socially distanced. Now, teachers are also taking to social media to share the difficulties of in-person learning during a pandemic.

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"This is a kindergarten classroom set up according to new Provincial guidelines," one teachers federation in Canada wrote. "This will be our students’ introduction to our public school system."

"This is the plexiglass shield just installed in every UGA classroom to separate faculty from students. I am just over 6 feet."

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The University of Georgia was roasted for their some of their preparations.

Just look at it.

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Other teachers are struggling to enforce social distancing in their small classrooms.

"I've taught classes of 34+ students," one teacher explained. "This store, which is much bigger than the classroom I taught in, has a capacity limit of 5. Probably has better ventilation too. Asking for class sizes of 15 is not unreasonable."

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This president of a school board in Orange County, CA, had to purchase $85,000 worth of plexiglass for her students.

This is going to be weird for teachers and students alike.

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Meanwhile this teacher also had to purchase scrubs, face shields, masks, and cleaning supplies with her own money.

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This is not social distancing.

"Quite possibly the saddest thing I've ever seen in my classroom," one teacher wrote. "This is not how I teach. This is not a room that says 'welcome, let's have fun learning!' This is not going be easy."

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This teacher's classroom could only fit six desks.

"This is 2020," one teacher wrote. "I ordered face shields to wear with my multi-layered masks at school. It pains me to say that I don’t trust the quality of the PPE that will be supplied by my underfunded urban public school district. I don’t feel safe as a teacher."

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And yes, many have had to buy their own soap.

This teacher is protecting her books from coughs and sneezes with a shower curtain.

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"The PPE my school district so generously supplied me for the entire school year. 1 homemade face shield, a leaking bottle of hand sanatizer, 1 pair of gloves, and a saturated 1 layer mask. Kids were back to school today."

"As a teacher, how can I possibly keep students and their families safe. This is a picture of my grade 3 classroom this year with 29 desks arranged as recommended by Hinshaw and LaGrange. This is social distancing according to them."

This isn't going to be easy.


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