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Photo shows Target anti-theft stickers on darker shades of makeup only and people aren't happy



Target has found itself under fire after a photo posted to Twitter reportedly showed only darker shades of Elf Cosmetics tagged with anti-theft stickers. The Twitter user, who has since locked their account, wrote: “Any reason you only put these anti-theft devices on the darkest shades?” 

The user told the Daily Dot that they hadn't taken the photo themselves, but had seen it on Facebook and decided to share it on Twitter as well. The photo shows rows of foundation, but only four of the darker tones  were covered with stickers reading, "This item is electronically protected."

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While it's unclear which Target store the photograph was taken in, many people were still outraged by the insinuation. 

One user wrote: "Are they implying dark skin shades are the only ones being stolen?"

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When one user suggested that the specific shades were tagged because "they get stolen most often," one user responded: "They could save themselves the bad optics and put antitheft on all the shades, if that's the true motivation."

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Another user found some humor in the photograph, writing: "Because, if someone wants to buy a dark shade, a manager needs to come by and make sure it’s not a white person doing blackface."

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While another user joked: "Just steal the lighter shade and exchange it."

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Another user concluded: "lol everyone in the comments saying they work in retail & know who steals more. I work retail; 90%+ of the people who steal are white because they think they can get away with it. it's just that nobody is looking at the white folks & *catching* them stealing because they expect poc to instead."

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Since the backlash, Target has reached out to the Twitter user asking for more information, but are yet to release a formal apology.

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This isn't the first time a store has gotten into trouble for their anti-theft method. In a video recently shared on TikTok darker shades of makeup can again be seen with anti-theft devices on them, while the lighter shades do not have any protective methods. 

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Walmart is also yet to comment on that video. 

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