Stray cat and zoo lynx adopt each other in Russian zoo


Jun. 6 2024, Updated 8:02 p.m. ET

In a heartwarming tale of unexpected friendship, a stray cat found its way into the lynx enclosure at a zoo, creating a buzz among visitors and staff alike. This unlikely duo captured the hearts of many, showing that friendship knows no bounds, not even species.

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It all started when zookeepers noticed a small, domestic cat roaming near the lynx habitat. Initially wary, the staff soon realized that the lynx and the stray cat were getting along famously. The stray, now affectionately named Dusya, seemed to have formed an immediate bond with Linda, the resident lynx.

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Visitors were amazed to see Dusya and Linda playing together, grooming each other, and even sharing meals. This touching interaction quickly went viral, with thousands of people sharing videos and photos of the two animals on social media.

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This story has not only brought joy to many but also highlighted the importance of compassion towards all animals, domestic and wild.

Sadly, Dusya passed away recently at the age of 12, having spent most of her life with Linda. Her loss has been felt deeply by the zoo staff and visitors who had grown fond of her.

Such stories remind us that love and friendship can bloom in the most unexpected places, even in the animal kingdom. Dusya and Linda’s bond served as an inspiring example of the power of companionship and the beauty of interspecies relationships.


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