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Stay-at-home mom calls out people who think it's 'easy' in viral post


Feb. 12 2020, Updated 10:28 a.m. ET

A stay-at-home-mom is calling out people who think being a fulltime parent is easy. Bridgette Anne of Winona, Minnesota, found herself crying after a stressful day looking after the kids and decided to make a post on Facebook calling out those who say it's easy, including herself.

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In a post that has since picked up over 74,000 shares and 26,000 comments, Anne explained:

"Everyone thinks being a stay at home mom full time is easy.

— that we are lucky to be able to not have to work.
— that we are lazy.
— that it’s not 'real' work so we have nothing to complain about."

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She went on to explain the truth, adding: 

"But the truth’s fucking lonely and overwhelming.

You can’t do anything by yourself; go to the bathroom, enjoy a cup of coffee, read, hell you can’t even scrub the shit out of pants for the 3rd time in a day without someone crying or screaming at your leg.

You don’t get breaks unless they are sleeping; which even then you use that time to clean up."

"You struggle to come up with ways to entertain someone for literally 12 hours a day every day.

You wear the same clothes that smell like sweat and tears for days at a time because it’s already stained and no use in ruining more clothes.

You forget what it means or feels like to be an individual; because your entire existence now revolves around that child."

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"You look at working moms and get jealous because you wish you could have an excuse to have an adult conversation without being interrupted.

You lock yourself in the bathroom and scream into a towel while crying because you need a second to breathe; all while a child is banging on the door to get in..."

Anne then proceeded to call out people who say that being a stay-at-home parent is easy, adding: 

"Let that sink in, most of us don’t even have the luxury to cry and be frustrated in peace..and when we do break down people question it; 'like what do you have to cry about you get to sit home all day.'"

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"I was one of those people who judged SAHM’s. But I get it now. The people who said they’d be there to help have all but disappeared, and you’re left with this overwhelming sense of failure.

My house isn’t clean, I’m not clean, the dishes aren’t done, I have screamed already today, I have cried, and I have felt so damn guilty that my child was here to witness it."

She went on to conclude: "But I am alone....and I am lonely. Check in on your SAHM friends....we are NOT okay."

Parents seemed to agree with the sentiment, with one writing: "I'm almost 60 now, but as a new immigrant (first baby born 6 weeks after we arrived in Canada), being a SAHM was hard. I sometimes swigged an ounce of vodka at 10 AM!"

While another added: "Sending lots of love and mom hugs. I commend women who can be a stay at home mom. I work 3 nights a week and when I am home with the kids all day, it’s stressful and exhausting. Hope you are able to take some to take care of yourself. And don’t listen to the haters. You are strong and you got this!!"


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