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Sophie Turner wears mask while giving birth and tells anti-maskers to toughen up


Dec. 17 2020, Updated 12:12 p.m. ET

The mask vs no mask is debate is one that's been going on since pretty much the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. At the onset of the outbreak, there was some mixed messaging on the CDC's part. At first, individuals were told that wearing cloth coverings over their faces wouldn't curb the spread of the disease. Then, a month later, the CDC reversed its position, informing individuals they should indeed wear masks.

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The WHO and CDC then at some point presented conflicting stances on mask-wearing, but now, it seems that all major health and medical bodies are in agreement: cloth mask-wearing prevents the spread of COVID-19, especially when combined with social distancing and taking the extra time to clean yourself.

However, there are still several individuals who are adamant about not wearing their masks in situations that necessitate it and seem to be stuck on the "to mask or not to mask" portion of the pandemic.

I.E. while going shopping in retail outlets and other indoor environments. Several celebrities on social media have encouraged their followers to wear masks and to look at the science behind the spread of COVID-19. Currently, there's been a spike in COVID-19 cases in the US, something that many individuals contribute to the holiday season and individuals spending more time indoors with friends and family in many parts of the country as we enter the winter months.

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This means that the risk of catching COVID-19 from a stranger is heightened: if they're interacting with individuals from outside in their own home, then the chances of them passing it along to you while you're in a confined space like Costco or BJ's stocking up on toilet paper, are far greater.

And that's an outcome Sophie Turner wanted to remind everyone they could mitigate by simply wearing a mask.

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While some individuals argue about the "inconvenience" of wearing a mask during certain physical activities, or just keeping it on in general for extended periods of time, The Game of Star had a pretty blunt rejoinder to any Anti-Masker who cites "difficulty" as being unable to keep a mask on.

She wrote in an Instagram story, "If I can wear a mask while I give birth, you can wear a mask at Walmart."

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Sophie Turner's Instagram post also answered a question fans have had for some time: when is she due?

Sophie and husband Joe Jonas had their first child, Willa, over the summer of 2020. The couple has been extremely private despite being a celebrity pair, and have kept news and updates regarding Sophie's pregnancy under wraps for the most part.

So the fact that Sophie spoke about giving birth to urge others to wear masks, weighted her exhortation all the more.

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Turner and Jonas both reside in Los Angeles, which is currently experiencing a record number of COVID-19 cases according to recent reports. The CDC, in its November coronavirus report wrote, "Adopting universal masking policies can help avert future lockdowns, especially if combined with other non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing, hand hygiene, and adequate ventilation."

Los Angeles Times reporter Soumya Karlamangla wrote that officials in LA speculate some 1 in 80 people in the county has contracted the coronavirus. Many are stating that if those numbers prove to be true, it would hopefully impact the fatality rate of the virus for the better, proving it isn't as deadly as it was first perceived.

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