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'Simpsons' may have 'predicted' all of 2020 after episode with flu from Asia and killer bees resurfaces



People have long believed that The Simpsons can predict the future. Whether it was Disney buying out Fox, or President Donald Trump's election, there seem to be so many episodes of the Simpsons that they make a pretty accurate prediction every now and then. 

But now, social media users seem convinced that writers of the show can see into the future after one episode seemingly predicted both coronavirus and murder hornets making their way to the United States.  

A Season 4 episode titled "Marge in Chains" kicks off at an over-crowded factory in Asia, where a worker accidentally sneezes on a crate of juices set to be shipped to the U.S. The incident kicks off a pandemic in Springfield when Homer opens the box. In the show, the virus is referred to as Osaka Flu.

Source: 20th century fox

But this apparent prediction of coronavirus isn't new to us. As you might expect, people started pointing it out when coronavirus first began spreading around the globe. But after recent reports that murder hornets have been found in the United States for the first time, the episode seemed to make even more sense.

Later in the episode, the citizens of Springfield beg Dr. Hibbert for a vaccine. When he tells them that there isn't one, the crowd searches a nearby truck full of boxes for placebos. The boxes contain swarms of killer bees, strangely close to the murder hornets currently in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, fans were pretty shocked when Darren Rovell, a reporter for The Action Network, pointed out the scene on Twitter. 

“The Simpsons doesn’t predict the future…there’s just so many episodes…’ May 6, 1993: A Simpsons episode plot has the town of Springfield getting sick with a flu that originates in Asia. While the town begs for a vaccine, murder bees show up,” Rovell tweeted.

"The Matrix is glitching," one user remarked.

While another added: "This doesn’t sit right with me and IDK how to feel."

Even writers from the Simpsons have been forced to confess that they can predict the future. Bill Oakley, a writer for the show, remarked: "OK fine I guess we did."

And if you're not already convinced. The predictions from the Simpsons don't stop there. In Season 11, the episode "Bart to the Future" predicted a dystopian future where Donald Trump somehow was elected President. Some 16 years later and we all know how that went down.

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"Lisa's Wedding" from season 6 came out way back in 1995. But that didn't stop the show's writers from predicting the advent of auto correct features on phones.

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The Simpsons Movie in 2007 depicted the NSA as a huge organization that spied on the lives of American citizens. And we all know how true that was.

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Well, we're convinced.

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