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Ryan Reynolds got his mom to troll Chris Hemsworth in a potty-mouthed takedown


Dec. 10 2020, Updated 10:37 a.m. ET

When it comes to celebrities who troll folks, especially ones who aren't afraid to involve other celebrities, it doesn't get much better than Ryan Reynolds. The Vancouver native has managed to turn irreverence into a pretty formidable marketing and movie career, providing his specific brand of line-crossing comedy that everyone loves, because he always undercuts it with public displays of generosity, kindness, and warmth.

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During the advent of the global craziness caused by COVID-19, he donated a ton of money to food pantries, along with his wife Blake Lively. When he launched his own mobile phone company, Mint, he gave free service to those who were affected by the pandemic for several months so they had one less bill to worry about when they were trying to get their lives in order.

He's been known to use trolling to promote the businesses of both himself and his friends. He made a pretty penny off of Aviation Gin thanks to his feud with Hugh Jackman, and he did the same for Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee. This time, Ryan's taking his ribbing skills to the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. The league features a ton of actors who've donned capes and masks and themed costumes for the silver screen to engage in some healthy fantasy football smack talk.

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The Superhero league isn't just trying to get more eyes on a virtual sporting event service though, all of the stars from the Superhero league are submitting trash talk videos and playful ribs at one another in order to help raise money for charity: the Sick Kids Foundation which, you guessed it, raises money for children who've fallen ill and need help with their medical procedures.

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Folks were eagerly awaiting some trash talk videos from Ryan Reynolds as he always delivers the goods when it comes to ribbing others, and he didn't disappoint for the AGBO Superhero League. That's because the out-of-the-box troller came up with a hilarious way of getting at his Fantasy Football Foes: by having his mother, Tammy, sling some absolutely foul-mouthed trash talk their way.

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In her colorful invective, she lights Chris Hemsworth up by saying he looks like a "bodybuilder f****d a platypus," and caps off the the burns by saying "I loved you in Wonder Woman, it was the best!" She delivers the line with a wry smile, and to further allude to the Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine Marvel quadrumvirate, Ryan hashtagged the post with the #ChrisHevansprine mash-up of their names.

Reynolds is currently in second place in the league, and Hemsworth is in sixth, so that could be why Deadpool decided to dunk on Thor as badly as he did, and made the entire thing a family affair in the process.

There are tons of other stars involved in the Superhero league: Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Elisabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Joe Russo, Chris Pratt, and many others.

Hemsorth actually had quite the rejoinder to Reynolds' burn.

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He enlisted the help of his "dad" Dan Blacklock, who's actually the actor's costume designer to deliver a message to Ryan Reynolds in a pretty hilarious skit. In the clip, Hemsworth keeps getting flustered with Dan because he wouldn't say anything bad about Ryan despite discussing "before" that they had both agreed to insult him on camera.

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Obviously, folks loved the back and forth between the stars, and they were especially cackling over the fact that Ryan managed to get his mother on the horn to lay the verbal smackdown on the God of Thunder from Down Under.

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