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Pro-choicer called 'murderer' responds with essay on what it means to be pro-life



The pro-life and pro-choice argument is always going to be a contentious one. And like any argument, there are always going to be people who take it way too far. Reddit user Yup_Seen_It recently took to the platform to share an exchange between a pro-lifer and a pro-choicer. 

The conversation starts pretty civilly, with the pro-lifer simply saying: "You're a murderer." 

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The pro-choicer skipped past the initial insult, to ask the pro-lifer how they intended to build a world where everyone can raise children if the option was taken off the table. "What happens next," the person asks. 

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The questions kept coming, with the pro-choicer asking if the pro-lifer was willing to help fund sexual education for teenagers and the like. 

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The pro-lifer simply replied: "That's the parent's responsibility." To which the pro-choicer retorted with "there's the money shot." 

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And as if that roasting wasn't enough already, it gets even worse. 

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Reddit users obviously had mixed opinions on the exchange, with one stating: 

"I've always been of the mindset that if your "pro life/anti abortion" you have to be pro adoption. Not putting kids in care because regardless of the country or best intentions the system doesn't work in so many cases and just makes the kids situation worse."

"I'm talking about actually taking the children into your family and loving them as your own. Someone has to help the kids that as this woman points out wouldn't get them from their birth parents for whatever reason. Someone has to take responsibility and it should be the people who want to 'force' these people to have their children for no reason other then 'life is sacred.'"

While another responded: "Saddest part, the "pro-lifer" probably walked away from that still thinking the way they always have. Irritating."

Another concluded: "I was pro-life before but then I started thinking more and more and I realize at what level of hypocrisy I was falling onto. It was just that I didn't like the idea of the baby dying."

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