This person's neighbors threw a 'pandemic party,' so they posted signs saying it was canceled


Oct. 20 2020, Updated 9:51 a.m. ET

What do you do when you're living in a country ravaged by a deadly pandemic and your neighbor is still throwing parties? Why, you cancel the party on their behalf, of course!

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Twitter user Danielle Baskin recently went viral for sharing her solution to seeing her neighbors partying it up without social distancing or masks in sight. "If you see your neighbors having a big party," she writes, "and you have a printer at home, just cancel it for them."

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Ever the evil genius, Danielle printed out signs that said, "SO SORRY! DUE TO COVID-19 WE DECIDED TO CANCEL THE PARTY. Sorry for change of plans! Wanted to do the right thing. Love you all and hope to see you when the pandemic is over! <3"

She posted them in various places near the entrance of the apartment building, and with that, she might have saved a few lives. Danielle explains that although the party was already in progress, groups of people kept arriving. She hoped they'd see the sign and turn around and go home, thinking it was written by the party's hosts.

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Danielle got some haters in the comments saying she should mind her own business and calling her a "Karen." But others rushed to her defense and understood that she was just trying to keep people safe. 

"OK, Repliers," Danielle wrote in a follow-up tweet. "Trolling inconsiderate rich kids have a drunk indoor condo party is not authoritarian, lol. They will experience no bad consequences by me leaving this sign. This isn't equivalent to calling the police. We should leave signs to cancel the police too." 

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"Best case: Fewer people go in and guests are reminded to get a COVID test on Monday. Maybe we prevent more cases?" Danielle continued. "Worst case: They think it's a joke and roll their eyes. Doubtful anyone though, 'My freedom is in jeopardy!' from my prank. The signs stayed up all night too."

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Truly, people are too sensitive. You should not be having any sort of party or gathering right now. You just shouldn't. Full stop! If Danielle wants to put up a sign to try and trick people away from a dangerous situation, more power to her. In fact, it's kind of a gentle, non-confrontation way to call them out!

Some people still thought she should have minded her own business. "Imagine having all your friends to go through the hassle and cost of covid testing so that you all can have a fun party for the first time in months and then it turns out your neighbor is a cop," one person wrote. 

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Danielle was just trying to look out for people by posting these signs. And also, herself! Who wants lots of stranger traipsing in and out of their already busy apartment building while an airborne pandemic rages? Not I! 

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If you find your neighbors throwing irresponsible parties, the quiet, anonymous cancel sign is a good move. It might not totally work, sure, but if at least one person turns around and goes home or decides to put on a mask before they hang with their friends, that could be life-saving. 

Is it passive-aggressive? Maybe a little. But I just recently learned that there is such a thing as being passive-aggressive for a good cause. And this is it. 


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