This teacher's clapback to homophobic parents was just perfect



It's always tragic whenever a parent's anti-gayness strains or destroys their relationship with their children

It adversely affects their children even when their kids are straight. They look down on relationships their children have with members of the LGBT community, and the pressures that go along with that spell trouble for an individual's emotional and mental development

Something that teacher Michael Neri addressed when one of his student's parents texted him and let him know that they were pulling their kid from his class. The reason? Because the teacher is gay. 

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Michael, a drama teacher, shared screencaps of the conversation he had with a parent who informed him that because the parent is Christian and raising his children as such, he does not approve of Michael's lifestyle and needs to pull his kids away from being "influenced by unconventional ideas." 

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That's when Michael decided to lay down a verbal smack-down that tore the parent's argument to shreds by making comparisons to other fields. 

He argued that his sexual orientation in no way shape or form affected his ability to teach and that he took pride in his work and was confident in his teaching abilities. 

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But Michael wasn't all business in his response, however. He informed the kid's parent that if he was looking for a good drama school for his children whose staff was entirely composed of heterosexual teachers, that he would be in for a rude awakening. 

And he did so with a bit of humor that makes his response just that much better. 

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Michael goes in and basically provides one of the politest and professional go-f-yourself-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on text responses that's ever existed in the world of anti-anti-gay clapbacks. 

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It's no wonder why his tweet went viral and is still racking up the retweets and likes. 

It's also no wonder so many people were digging the way he handled a very unfortunate and uncomfortable situation. 

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There were tons of people who praised Michael for his restrained brand of savagery, especially the "nice" invitation he extended to the parent at the end of his text. 

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In fact, many self-declared Christians went on the social media platform to condemn the parent who took their children out of Michael's class for bigoted reasons under the guise of religious scruples. 

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Some users even pointed out that Michael's polite response to the parent's discrimination was more Christian-like behavior than the self-avowed Christian claimed to value so much. 

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There was just a lot of appreciation going around for the way Michael handled the entire situation, especially bringing up the fact that wearing "mixed fabrics" is expressly forbidden if one intends to devote their life to living the way the Bible states. 

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And, of course, donating their security deposits for a charity that benefits members of the LGBT community was a pro-move as well. 

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If you wanted a master tutorial in classy comebacks, well, this is a great rubric to follow. 

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