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Non-binary model teaches lesson to mom who thought they made her child 'ill'



Rain Dove is a non-binary model with over 400,000 followers who has gone viral in the past for responding to the hateful messages they receive on their Instagram. But one recent exchange has gone viral after Rain managed to change an initially hostile situation into a learning experience for a mom with a non-binary child. 

The exchange started when a parent messaged Rain, accusing them of making her child "ill" because the child wanted to use a chest binder. "She asked for a strap thing for her chest for Christmas," the mother explained in a message to Rain. 

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But Rain was quickly able to diffuse the situation, asking the mother: "How are you feeling about it? Does it feel a bit heavy?" 

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While the mother was initially hesitant to receiving support, Rain kept trying to offer it. 

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Rain explained: "For you to be spending your time reaching out to me, it shows you must care a lot about their happiness and well being." 

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Eventually, Rain's persistence started to pay off. 

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Rain then attempted to convince the mother to get their child a binder: "I'd love to suggest you get one - especially because you are a caring parent, i'll even hook you up with a great site for them." 

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Rain explained why some people want to use binders, and why they're so much safer than other homemade alternatives. 

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Eventually, the mother admitted: "I want her alive and happy, I guess I just want her to love herself she's beautiful." 

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After learning about the process, the mother seemed a lot more receptive to the idea. 

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The mother even said that she plans on doing some further research, and would come back to Rain if she had any further questions. 

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Rain posted the exchange to Instagram, and explained binders further to their followers:

"Parents I promise that a professional binder is a safer option for your teen than alternatives they might be using. Getting them one as a gift can be life saving."

"Binding ones chest can be a dangerous thing- especially when using alternative options like I used to do. Ace bandage and ducttape lead to skin tearing, fractured ribs and I even passed out once after taking off the binding from the oxygen rushing into my system again. I have models I’ve worked with who will testify times in which they saw my body distorted after inappropriate binding practices."

"People bind for many reasons. It’s not always identity or dysphoria related. Especially people with larger breasts have expressed binding has been lifesaving in functional terms. Binding CAN be lifesaving and ease much anxiety. I must note that it alone won’t make someone feel complete in their existence. We must work to dismantle toxic oppressions that lead to social oppressions and anxieties. We must create a space of love for all people to live in no matter their bodies. We must create a safe space for dialogue."

Rain's followers were amazed by the change in the woman's attitude, with one user writing: "The mind change in that chat is beautiful!"

Another added: "You managed to shut down a worried mother’s rage and get her to understand it may help her kid in the long run and keep their relationship together. My mother’s never like this."

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