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Source: Little Brownie Bakers

New Girl Scout Cookie 'Lemon-Ups' are stamped with inspiring feminist messages


Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us, and this year the organization, which focuses on building leadership and confidence in girls all over the country, is taking their messaging a step further. A new Girl Scout Cookie is here, and it is stamped with feminist messages intended to inspire young girls — and everyone else — to lead, take risks, and be strong. 

They're called Lemon-Ups (probably a play on the phrase "level up"), and they are crispy lemon cookies with icing on one side and on the other, stamped messages that say things like, "I am a leader," "I am a go-getter," "I am gutsy," "I am an innovator," and "I am a risk-taker." There are eight messages available, so I suppose you'll just have to keep eating until you get them all, huh?